Aging HSC Epigenome  

This site provides access to datasets described in this manuscript.

Epigenetic dysregulation underlying HSC aging

Deqiang Sun*, Min Luo*, Mira Jeong*, Benjamin Rodriguez, Rebecca Hannah, Zheng Xia, Hui Wang, Thuc Le, Kym F. Faull, Rui Chen, Hongcang Gu, Christoph Bock, Alex Meissner, Berthold Gƶttgens, Gretchen J. Darlington#, Wei Li#, and Margaret A. Goodell#

Download Data from NCBI GEO

The GSE for the whole study is GSE47819. It's divided according to data type:

1. RNA-Seq data: GSE47817.

2. Bisulfite-Seq data: GSE47815.

3. Histone Modification ChIP-Seq data: GSE47765.

Download Supplementary Data

The download of all supplementary tables, figures and texts can be accessed after the manuscript is accepted.

Download Software used for analysis

The DNA methylation analysis is done by MOABS developped by Deqiang Sun.